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3 Questions You Shouldn't Ask A Lady You Just Met

If you want something from a woman, you must first learn how to ask her the right questions. If you don't ask the proper question at the right time, you may end up harming your relationship without even realizing it.

You must be gentle and tolerant when interacting with a woman. Take your time and consider how she will respond if you ask her a few questions, especially if you are only getting to know her.

There are some questions that a man should not ask too early, regardless of the type of relationship he has with a woman. If you ask a question you shouldn't have asked, you may feel humiliated.

Gentlemen, don't be too quick to ask a female these three questions.

1. No matter how curious you are about a girl's previous relationship, you shouldn't be too eager to ask about it. It's a tricky issue to bring up. It would be preferable if you heard it from her rather than asking her directly. You should not inquire about a woman's previous relationship unless she brings it up on her own as a guy. You have no way of knowing what kind of relationship she had or whether she wants to be reminded of it. By questioning her, you may make her feel bad while also discouraging her from joining another relationship.

2. Rather than parasites, girls prefer males who will host them. It's not a good idea to approach a female and ask for a loan right immediately. If you ask this question, you will give a girl the wrong impression of you, and you may end up squandering your chance with her. She may feel you just care about her money. Asking a girl for a loan should be approached with caution as a guy.

3. Inquiring about a girl's body count is akin to asking how many men she has slept with. A female is likely to be annoyed and enraged by this type of query. It's fine to be aware of it, but you shouldn't approach a female too quickly. She might think you're passing judgment on her or something. Don't ask a female about her body count too soon to avoid situations like this.

Gentlemen, take note of this.

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