A couple was not looking happy at their own wedding, left people talking on Facebook -

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A couple was looking so stressed and bored at their wedding and left people wondering if they regret getting married.

Pictures Of this wedding have been trending on Social Media after this man was not looking happy at his wedding. People normally look very happy at their weddings because they always celebrate that finally, they did it. Knowing that you are finally uniting with the love of your life should put a smile on your face. Even if they say you borrowed money for the wedding but on the special day you always smile.

A lot of people who saw pictures and those who attended the wedding were asking themselves questions. The man was not looking happy at all that he is getting married. There is always a way of showing that you are sacred and there is always a way to show that you are stressed. This man was looking very stressed and far away with his thinking. In the end, people started assuming things because he was not smiling.

In the end, d the wife was not smiling because she was bored of being happy alone. We all know that people from Facebook don't miss a chance to put their opinions when they see something. Well, people started taking it after they saw this picture. Ethier of them is looking happy to go on a honeymoon or uniting with each other.

People were saying that maybe a man was a favorite pirate so he received the bad news during his wedding. He received the news that the pirate is losing the game so he ended up getting bored. He couldn't hide his pain that ended up making everyone think that he was not happy. Well, all of their pictures were ruined because no one was smiling. All the money they spent organizing fancy cars went in vain.

Some people said that his mistress ended up attending the wedding uninvited. Well, all know that if something like that can happen the wedding can be ruined. Both their faces have a lot of regrets about this day. It's also possible that the wedding didn't go the way they planned and wished for it to go.

We all know that there are things can that n ruin a beautiful wedding. Even though they had some funny comments about this couple some had serious points. Some people feel like this couple was emotionally happy in a way that they couldn't stop their tears. There were not just sad but crying not believing that the day is finally here.

Smiling sometimes hides the deepest pain so it's possible that the love birds were happy. But then we know people always find something that is negative to say about every couple. If there were forced to get married well non of them was going to be happy but no one know why there were so bored on their wedding day.

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