Ana Julia and her sister, check out how beautiful they are together -

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Confidence is a clear-headed belief in the validity of a theory or prediction, or in the superiority of a particular course of action. Having self-confidence is derived from the Latin word 'fidere,' which means "to trust"; as a result, confidence is trusting oneself. The opposite of humility is arrogance or hubris: believing in something or someone when they are not capable or correct. Presumption is the idea that someone (or something) will succeed despite the possibility of failure.

Ana Julia is a wonderful little girl who was born with disorder, Julia was born with one leg and arm but that didn't kill her confidence. Her mom Elisa Angela Silva opened Instagram account for her little angel Julia. Ana Julia personal account written " Helping others is a feeling of love. Ana Julia account have 10.8 k followers and averaging about 10,000 likes on each of her 197 posts.

What Elisa Angela Silva did is exceptional it's also giving other people confidence about there self.

Check out Ana Julia amazing pictures that were recently posted on her Instagram account that managed by Elisa Angela Silva her mother. Ana Julia and her sister.

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