"I became someone wife at the age of 14" she posted on Facebook -

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Meet a kid from Cape Town who left people talking none stop after she posted her picture and said she is a wife. She told people that we'll she is 14 years old but she is someone's wife. People couldn't believe that but she was wearing like a wife. She left people talking endlessly after she posted her picture wearing a Xhosa year which is strictly worn by Makoti. People didn't leave her alone as she was young and maybe not sure of what she was doing. People wanted her to stop acting like an adult and behave like other kids.

In the end, people found out that the child was playing with their emotions. She is a Xhosa so she was wearing it like that because it was heritage day. So she misled old people into thinking that she got married. After she did this people got emotional and angry at her. She is young so she did this to gain likes from people not because she was serious. People, though she was telling the truth and left them talking no stop alone. After that, she came back and told people to chill down.

This is the reason they say kids are not allowed to be on Facebook. They don't understand the meaning of posting such things to get attention.

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