Bride Left In Pain And Shame After The Unexpected Happened To Her Wedding Cake || See The Cake Here -

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Date : 27 September 2021

Wedding day is supposed to be a day filled with joy and happiness. This is the day of being grateful and celebrating love that God has created. Memories get to be made during the day. This is one of the special and important day on many people's lives. Seeing people happy with families becoming one is one of the priceless moments in life. Celebrating love is really beautiful and it gets to be more beautiful when you are surrounded by close friends and relatives.

People who love you whole heartedly and always celebrate milestones with you. You should remember that on your wedding day everything should be on point. Planning a wedding is said to be one of the exhausting things but also exciting at the same time. Those who have had wedding can testify to the world how difficult it is to plan wedding. Lots of work get to be done starting from looking for attires, venue for the event, food and the list goes on. It gets to be a relief when the day of getting married actually arrives to see the effort and hard work that one made. When the day arrives it gets to be filled with tears of joy and happiness. Seeing people tying a knot is really beautiful. A lady who was getting married took to social media platforms to show them what happened on her wedding day.

Just few moments away from getting married her cake was ruined when it was on its way to the venue. This is the cake that costed a lot of money. Imagine such happening in your wedding just few minutes away from the event. This has dissapointed her together with her family. Such cannot be accepted. Many people are saying that she should not pay the person who made the cake because it's her fault. What di you think about this?

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