Cursed - She dated 2 boyfriends and both died strange deaths. Lady confesses the unusual thing -

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Stella has admitted to dating two boyfriends, both of whom died, and she feels cursed. She believes she was afraid of engaging into a long-term relationship. She met her first boyfriend on internet when she was still in high school, and they dated for six months.

Her boyfriend, she thinks, was the best. They met one day, but he wasn't feeling well. She claims he complained of a headache, which they dismissed as a common occurrence. They parted ways, and that was the last time he saw him.

She received a call the next morning informing her that her lover had died of meningitis. She was so depressed that she was unable to attend his funeral because she was unknown to the family.

She met another man after a year and they dated for four years, during which time she had already moved in with him. She claims she began to experience stomach pains, and following testing on him, he was diagnosed with lung cancer.

This was the lowest point in her life, and she claims she fell into depression, blaming herself for the deaths of her two boyfriends. Stella met someone who understood her and what she was going through. They're still dating, and it's been two years since they met, and she's overjoyed since she overcame so much.

Though she didn't know what caused her boyfriend's death, she was relieved to have found someone with whom she could spend the rest of her life.

According to several African legends, if a person has a partner and then dies, the person is cursed. The individual must see a traditional healer and obtain a remedy to drink in order to cleanse her intestines and remove the killing agent from her blood and spirit.

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