Emotions Run High As Fully Vaccinated Couple Die Holding Hands As a Sign Of Love -

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A fully vaccinated couple died of Coronavirus, reports the New York Times. The Michigan couple according to a report from the highly celebrated newspaper died together holding hands. This is coming after medical experts warn vaccinated people to take Covid-19 rules and observe other Coronavirus safety precautions to be on a safer side, declaring that vaccine alone cannot guarantee your immunity. This is also coming after the New York City vowed to fire all the health workers who failed to take the coronavirus vaccines, which will now create a considerable shortage of medical workers in the state. According to health experts, some vaccinated people are living carelessly thinking that they are immune to the virus, but studies show that vaccinated people can get Coronavirus and die, they can as well infect others and be infected.

The fully vaccinated couple were said to be camping when they suddenly became sick, and they were put on ventilators as their health detoriated. They requested to be put together where they died together holding hands in an emotionally laden death. Within days, their conditions deteriorated, and they ended up on ventilators. On Monday, they died after being taken off life support — CAL at 11:07 a.m. and Linda less than a minute later. This is a further reminder that vaccinated people must adhere strictly to all Covid-19 protocols to be on the safer side since the vaccine is not one hundred percent effective in protecting your immune system against the virus. Narrating the ordeal to Fox, their child said that they were camping when they began to feel unwell. “The third day, they woke me up and said, ‘We’ve got to go because we don’t feel well.’ So, I packed them all up, and they left,” she said. Their death is not a surprise because many fully vaccinated people are still dying because some coronavirus variants are evolving.

Coronavirus is still hitting hard on the United States and the president Joe Biden said that he will only open the country when the country is vaccinated up to 98 percent. A Twitter user wrote, “The fact is you can still get Covid-19 even vaccinated, all it does is lessen its effects. If you have comorbidities like over weight or heart issues, you are still going to have issues, but ICU's may have more chance of saving you”. 

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