Fear Men : See What This Man Did To His Girlfriend of 10 Years That Left Mzansi Speechless/ Opinion -

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Relationships and dating nowdays is more difficult that it has ever been .Few relationships lead to marriage and those that do get married they eventually get divorced.Many people believe social media has a huge play in this .With just a text your partner can replace u with another person .

A lady posted on social media what happened to her during the holidays and South Africa was left speechless. See the whatsapp chat .

From the chats above this man went and got married behind her girlfriend's back .They had been engaged for 10 years and yet he chose to marry someone else .He claimed he was going to see his sick mother but intead was getting married.

Its shocking king what this man did to his fiancee of 10 years .But this is not something new in South Africa .Many more women have gone through situations like these and discovered that their boyfriends got married behind their backs .

Why date or be with someone if you are planning to marry someone else it doesnt make sense.Why waste their time for 10 years pretending to care about them whilist all this time they are thinking of marrying someone else.Many men like being with more th5sn one woman and thats not a goof thing to do especially in today's world where there are lots of diseases.Clearly it also gives them joy when they see a woman heatbroken a because they married someone else while dating them .

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