Her husband slept with 9 wives on the bed, while she slept on the floor. They're all 10 wives & HIV+ -

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Nine of a man's wives slept in his bed, while one slept on the floor. According to the person who slept on the floor, the man is HIV-positive and has infected all of them.

Josephine Leshao is a woman who suffers from the most excruciating suffering. Josephine's story is terrible; she claims that she was married by her father when she was 13 years old. She became pregnant throughout the marriage and gave birth to a lovely child. Even if she did that, no one came to see her while she was in the hospital for days, even her own father-in-law.

Because she couldn't afford to pay her bills, Josephine had to leave the baby at the hospital. She met her buddy on the way, who took her to the hospital to get her kid because she didn't know what to do. When she returned home, her father and husband questioned why she had given birth to a girl.

Because her father was upset that she had given birth to a girl, he later brought a woman into the house, claiming she would be the second wife. She said that she had never loved her father-in-law. Father spouse was on a mission, so he married the third wife after impregnating the second.

Time passed, and father husband continued to bring wives until they were nine and ten years old, when Josephine was added. Some of the spouses died as a result of the HIV infection, he lost five children, and Josephine is now left with five more. She claims she is certain they are HIV positive as well. She used to sleep on the floor in the marriage so that the father husband could sleep with the 9 women.

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