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We often justify the repeated toxic cycles as having a type. Have you told your friends a story about your new partner and them replying with, “you have a type”. The term can easily make us go for the same type of toxic relations because we have classified ourselves as healers, the ones who do not ask for much while getting bare minimum in relationships.

We need to free ourselves from the shackles of attracting the same kind of toxic situations by leaving at the first sign of any red flag that reminds us of our past because we already know how the ending will be.

It is common amongst women to attract the same kind of man because the universe will repeatedly give you the same lessons until you learn your lesson. If your ex beat you up and often apologised but also gaslight you and your new partner does the same, there is no need for you to sit it through, there is a reason why your ex and you did not make it, how will the same thing bare fruits when a similar situation ended in tears.

We need to free ourselves from being the strong people we say we are in relationships, relationships are not war and there is no need for a person to be strong. What are you fighting? What’s is the end goal of being strong? We need to stop allowing people to treat us like doormats and know that love is not supposed to hurt, love is patient, love is kind, love does not boast. So anything that is not kind and sweet, you need to learn to let go of such situations.

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