I Asked My Babymama To See My Child And She Said This To Me (read chats) -

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Although a lot of people today continually motivate the thought of doing an investigation before you get into any romantic relationship with any individual, Truth is there is what is called love at the first sight.Once you fall in love with a character from the very first time you set your eyes on them, the entire idea of checking what type of man or woman they are fades and allowing that to happen is something extremely risky due to the fact in accordance to my trip not doing investigation ended in tears.

What happened is in my own situation was that during my first 12 months at collage i fell in love with a certain girl and did not hesitate to walk up to her and talk to her about it and within a week she was already mine. With her being mine and the relationship being new and full of fun, I made the mistake of questioning I have known her enough committed myself to her, and we even went as some distance as having a baby together.

But then 2 years after we had our child she began becoming a type of person i did not like at all, and although I tried limitless instances to inform her that I did not fall in love with the type of girl she was becoming, that did not work at all. With matters being that way I determined to call it quotes, however she advised me that I will remorseful about but I left anyway.

So what occurred is that I recently sent her a whatsapp text asking her to see my baby and this is what I was told.Read the chats below

Although they say a baby child generally belongs with a mom for she is the one who is usually aware of what is good, and what is not, is what she is doing right here even legal regardless the reality that I have not been contributing a good deal for I am currently unemployed? Leave some remarks below 

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