I Caught My Spouse On Bed With My Two Sisters On Different Occasion -

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I Caught My Spouse On Bed With My Two Sisters On Different Occasion

A beautiful lady shared her experience on Oyerepa FM, and the interview attracted a lot of attention from Ghanaians as a result of the positive response. After their wedding, the lady claimed that her husband had slept with her two sisters after they were married.

In the community, her husband is referred to as Okesie. It is claimed by the woman that she initially witnessed her husband with another woman before witnessing him with her two sisters.

"I tied the knot with my long-term partner, Okesie, just a few days ago. I ran across him at my place of abode. After a few months of dating, he approached me and asked for my hand in marriage. After I revealed everything to my family, they unanimously decided that I should marry Okosie. After our wedding, I discovered that my husband was engaging in some rather heinous behavior behind my back." He was first caught in our room with a tiny child, which I discovered. When I inquired about the identity of the female, he informed me that she was her ex-girlfriend. I became enraged, but I forgave him after he expressed regret. Not long after our wedding, my husband had an extramarital affair with my two sisters. She had separate affairs with each of my sisters, which I discovered later." My first sister was more like a best friend to me than anything else. My husband had been sleeping with her in our marital bed, which I discovered when I came home. As a result, I traveled to Kofofridua to notify my family members. They followed me back to my house and confronted my spouse in a confrontational manner. We forgiven him when he apologized a second time. "When I became ill, I invited my second sister to come and stay with me for a short period of time so she could assist me with household tasks. I informed her that I would be heading to the store to purchase some groceries one day. "When I came, my spouse was having an affair with my other sister, which I discovered. "I was so upset that I called the police because my husband, according to my sister, had forced her to do something she didn't want to do," the woman clarified. "My husband had forced her to do something she didn't want to do," the woman added.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/135140476511057/posts/6964652200226483/?app=fbl

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