" I met guy 3 days ago. I can't live without him" -

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A lady has divided South Africa after tweeting something that no one expected to see. Love is a beautiful thing, and when you find it, you should cherish it. But what happens when someone goes on social media to share that she met the guy three days ago but can't live without him? People couldn't keep their opinions to themselves and swiftly jumped into the comment section, suggesting she shouldn't pull her whole heart on a guy since she might get harmed.

While it appears that they were used to saying such nice things, all they did was give her some congratulations. May her relationship lead her to the obvious next step of marriage. Only time will tell if this is the appropriate mate for her, but everyone deserves to be happy. Others believe it is too soon to disclose on social media, but she is in love, so who can blame her? Please remember to like and comment on this article.



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