Impregnate Me Please, I Will Put The Baby On 'My Husband's Head' - Cheating Lady Begs Boyfriend -

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This is a common occurrence in many relationships, and if it occurs in yours, you may feel powerless to prevent it from happening again. Both the cheater and the betrayed person may experience feelings of sadness, loneliness, and insecurity as a result of their activities. It is critical to remember that healing is possible in some situations, even when it appears impossible. After discovering they are in a relationship, there are actions a couple can do to restore a happy and healthy relationship. Each step, though, needs some effort on their behalf.

The leaked chat between a married woman and her boyfriend that went viral on social media elicited a range of feelings from those who witnessed it. According to Instalog9ja, they shared images of an online chat in which an anonymous woman encouraged her boyfriend to become pregnant so she could claim the child as her own and post it on her page.

Although his partner first expressed a desire to quit the relationship due to his repeated promises, he rejected his offer. She then stated that she was stunned by what he had done to her and was unable to eat for the next three days. While pleading with him for forgiveness, the woman also stated that she would be willing to abandon her marriage if it meant making him happy.

Despite his best efforts, the man rejected her proposal and requested that she refrain from divorcing him due to his actions during the marriage. When she inquired as to whether she was pregnant with her husband's child, she responded affirmatively but stated that she was not yet pregnant. Then she pleaded with him to come to her and fertilize her so she could place the baby on her husband's head, so informing him that he was the child's father. He placed the infant on her head in response to her approbation.

A complete transcript of the talk is available below.

If you want your relationship to succeed, you must make an effort. Put an end to your cheating behavior.

Your marriage may have been a source of resentment for you for a lengthy period of time (or you and your partner). Because scams will only exacerbate problems in the long run, even if they appear to be beneficial in the short term, they are not a realistic solution. This is a hazardous option, but it is worth verifying that you are capable of fulfilling your vows and ceasing the work necessary to recover your relationship in order to go on.

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