Is this wedding of the year? See how it has started vs how it has ended -

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A beautiful thing, marriage should be celebrated with laughter and whatever else that can be done to spread the good news of two people joining together in marriage. God has blessed the marriage, and it is for this reason that people gather to celebrate with the families of the newlywed couple.

A couple's wedding day is a big occasion, and couples work tirelessly to prepare for it. Something even got to the point where they had to spend their last money on it in order to prepare for the day. Parents, friends, and colleagues gather together to encourage the union of the two people who are getting married and to wish them success in their new adventure as a new family after the wedding.

As a result of the excitement of becoming someone's wife or husband, some people become overexcited to the point that they lose their senses on the wedding day itself. What happens mainly is that some of them get to the point where they make promises to each other that they later fail to keep.

The couple caught the attention of people on Twitter Street after an excessive celebration that ended in an unforeseen situation. In the snapshot above, the pair can be seen going beyond with their celebration. It started out as a nice ceremony, but by the time it was over, the newlyweds were both drunk and acting in a manner that was unpleasant to watch.

In my opinion, it is really understandable that genuine love is overjoyed about marrying each other, but they go beyond the celebrations afterward, which can leave an embarrassing impression. The two were drunk to the point that the husband could be seen lying down on his back. In addition, the woman can be seen clutching a bottle of alcohol while completely drunk.

Do you find their behavior and celebration on the wedding day objectionable? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below and let me know what you think of the video.

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