It ended in tears for a lesbian couple separating after one partner gets pregnant. Find out how -

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As a result of this, the lesbian couple discovered that one of them is pregnant: When one of the lesbians complained of stomach ache, they went to the hospital, only to discover she was pregnant.

According to a Twitter user identified as @SouthernBoiiy. Despite the fact that he never told us what happened later, we believe hell broke loose and separated the couple, making the guy responsible for the pregnancy register an assertive theory for heterosexuals.

He noted, "This lesbian couple came in, one complaining of stomach trouble." As it turned out, she was expecting a child. So far, the most amusing story I've heard in the E.D. The doctor and I were both thinking… Thanks to masks, I was able to maintain my composure.”

It is therefore impossible to remain invisible. To back up my point, I can say that if she wasn't striving to be someone she wasn't, she wouldn't be pregnant.

Or is it a miracle that a woman has given birth to another woman? Such a thing has never been seen before, not even a million years ago. Not even in Jesus' day, when he was the son of Joseph and married a virgin.

In my opinion, such things occur when a person refuses to embrace themselves for who they truly are. I assume the pregnant woman is attempting to hide beneath a leafy tree.

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Please expand on why the other mate isn't faithful and still has a thing for men when you share your thoughts.

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