Man Breaks up With His Girlfriend After He Found These WhatsappChats On Her Phone /Opinion -

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Keeping secrets in relationship is never a good thing .No relationship can be built on lies and last forever .Lies always have a way of coming out and most of the times it doesn't end well .

A man revealed that he broke up with his girlfriend after he found some very disturbing chats on her phone .He narrated that his girlfriend had left the phone and he decided to go through it hoping to find anything that many point out that she is cheating but what he found was even bigger than that.See the whatsapp chat below.

From the chats above this lady was asking a friend to help her get some pills that she needs .

Clearly the girlfriend had been taking ARV for some time now and did not inform his boyfriend. This may feel like some form of distrust because if one is suffering from this kind of condition they must tell their partner whether they want to or not so that the partner may also protect themselves.

The boyfriend was clearly not wrong for how he reacted towards a situation like this .What the lady did was not right at all .She should have been open about this from the time when she decided to make the relationship serious with the man .

What would you have done if it was you in this case .How would you have reacted to finding out your partner has kept such a huge secret from you .Let us know in the comment section .

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