Man breaks up with his girlfriend after he found these whatsapp chats on her phone -

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After discovering these Whatsapp conversations on his girlfriend's phone, a man decides to break his relationship with her.

It is never a good idea to keep secrets in a relationship. No relationship can be founded on deception and expect to endure indefinitely. Lies always have a way out, and in the majority of situations, they don't end well for the teller.

After discovering a number of troubling chats on his phone, a guy says that he is ending his relationship with his girlfriend. He said that his fiancée had left him a phone message and that he went to investigate, expecting to find out why so many people had accused him of cheating on him. However, what he discovered was even more shocking. Take a look at the WhatsApp conversation below.

According to the transcript of the discussion above, this woman asked a friend to assist her in taking the medications she required.

Apparently, his partner had been using antiretroviral medications for quite some time but hadn't told her lover about it. This might be perceived as a kind of suspicion since, when someone suffers from such a disease, they are required to inform their partner whether they choose to do so or not in order for their partner to protect themselves as well as they can.

The friend's response to such a situation was understandably appropriate in the circumstances. Exactly what the woman did was totally incorrect. She had to be open to this from the time she made the decision to pursue a meaningful relationship with the man in question.

In that instance, what would you do if you were in that situation? Imagine finding out that your spouse is keeping a major secret from you. How would you respond if this happened to you? Please share your thoughts in the comments area.

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