Men with female best friends were given this advice but they are rejecting it -

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Females get excited when a discussion about opposite sex friendship has been ignited but men tend to draw some boundaries because they feel like there are more expectations from their side. This is what I witnessed when going through a minor discussion on social media today. says having a female best friend is a good thing because she will be your anchor, She will be the one showing you a woma's perspective, she will be your diary and help you with shopping. This might be the reasons why men choose to have female best friends, but there are things that they cannot tolerate.

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It started when someone took the initiative of giving men with female best friends an advice. He suggested that if you are a male and you have a female best friend, you have to take her out, have picnics with her and buy her flowers. He says when she is on her periods, you must buy her a period kit accompanied by some junk food. He encourages them to spoil their female best friends and never get shy of going shopping with them at least once in three months. He went on and said they must also surprise these ladies with money when they get a chance.

Upon seeing this advice, men became resistant because they believe that the advice is carrying nothing but the duties of someone that the lady would be dating. Someone even asked if he should neglect his own girlfriend just because he wants to please someone else's.

People believe that the person who would take this advice is the one who is secretly in love with his female best friend. They believe that if you do like he said, you will have feeling to deal with at the end of the day.


I believe that the advice is being exaggerated. People are now making it look like being a man is expensive on its own. Men have already accepted that they can hardly be with women they love due to money issues and now they might find themselves under pressure of impressing people they call friends. Friendship should be beneficial to both parties and it calls for more mutualism.

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