Mother of unwanted children gets the greatest regret of her life after they grew to be this -

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None of us were wanted. But Diamond was born first. So she had it the worst. She was the one who took away our mother’s childhood.

And Mom never forgave her for that, so she didn’t let Diamond have a childhood either. She had to take care of all of us. I remember the day my little brother came home from the hospital. Diamond had to start watching him right away. She was only ten years old at the time. But she was doing bottles, diapers, everything. She never got to play.

She never got any friend time. Or if she ever did, she had to bring my little brother along in a stroller. When our little sister was born, it became a double stroller. Diamond made sure we ate.

My mom was weird about food. She’d always make us dinner on Sunday. But during the rest of the week we were hungry all the time. Diamond just kept feeding us snacks: Welches fruit snacks, Cheeze-It’s, Honey Buns.

I can’t stand the taste of those things anymore. None of us can. There was only one bedroom in the apartment. It was ‘The Bedroom,’ for my mom. And that’s where the hitting happened. There was a great deal of it. Diamond was the one who got the worst of it. She attempted to protect us from it. Diamond is a dark stone.

She was never bruised and always welted. She'd emerged from her room, sobbing. 'I'm OK, I'm fine,' she'd say. She would say, "Go watch Sponge Bob." Alternatively, you may read one of our books. Diamond is the reason why I read so much.

Diamond arrived home from work 10 minutes late one night. My mother thrashed her to a pulp. That was the night I told her she needed to flee.

‘Never come back, Diamond,' I warned her. 'Never return.' And she didn't do it. She was placed in foster care. She spent some time at a shelter. She did, however, obtain her degree. In a way, she's still looking after me. Diamond allowed me to come in with her when I graduated from college and had nowhere else to go.

Right now, she doesn't have a fantastic job. She is the only parent of a toddler. However, she continues to assist me in paying for lessons so that I may attend nursing school. I'm sure she's exhausted.

She has been a mother since she was a child. Diamond is drained. She's never shut the door on me, though. And I just wanted to express my gratitude. Because I'm not sure whether I actually said that. Thank you so much for rescuing my life.


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