“My Mum Was Told I Was A Product Of Witchcraft Because I Was Born With No Legs” Lady Cries Out -

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Children are a divine blessing from the couple, and they often bring joy to their family. Today, I bring you the story of a young woman, Eunice Reuben.

According to an interview with Kevin Momanyi in the day's discussions, Eunice was born without genitals.

Unfortunately, her mother endured the pain after being told she tried to have an abortion while others said Eunice was a product of witchcraft. He said,

"My mother was told I was a product of witchcraft and an unsuccessful abortion attempt."

What do you think?

What should we do to protect our marriage?

Should we deny our children because they were released differently?

The children are innocent. Thanks for your time. Please try to like, feel free to share with others, ers and don't forget to share your thoughts and ideas in the comments box.

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