Mzansi left in disbelief when a couple revealed that they broke up for 19years and got back together -

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A couple was in a show on Moja love after they got married. They shared their love story on how they met and on how their relationship was before getting married. While the couple was busy talking they revealed that they dated and broke up in 1984. Well, that shows that this couple has known each other for a long time. Even after that, the love they had for èach other didn't end. Even though they had some partners during the period of a breakup. But whenever they saw each other the feeling was always there.

They didn't forget the year they broke up even though there were hurt. They didn't tell the media what was the reason for them to separate while they loved each other. Well, they decided to fix things in 2012. If you can count well the couple was away from each other for 19 years but because love always wins. The true feeling that they shared and the bond they had with one another won again. Today there are the husband and the wife just because they didn't give up on each other.

Even when people were happy that the love won but still they don't believe. They wish to hear the whole story behind this relationship and why they decided to get back together. The woman seemed very happy when she was telling their love story but the man was bored at that moment. This love story has opened some youth minds that love is strong. People fight and break up but still, they remember each other. They met different people but still, there were not the right ones because they belonged together.

You can comment below on what you think about this lovely couple. Their love story is beautiful that even after a break up of years if two people were meant to be together they will be.

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