[Opinion] Why It Is Wrong For Ohaneze Ndịgbo To Declare September 29, 2021 As 'Igbo Day of Mourning'

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Before now, September 29 of every year had been set aside by the Ohaneze Ndịgbo, as “Igbo Day”, to celebrate the culture of the Igbo people. The event is usually filled with funfairs, and acrobatic displays of the rich Igbo culture. As obtained from the Daily Post, the 2021 edition of the Igbo Day celebration scheduled to hold in Enugu, and Awka, has been cancelled. Instead, the Apex Igbo group, had declared the day as the “Igbo Day of Mourning”.

According to the report, the Ohaneze Ndịgbo h ... Tap here to Get More Details, Photos or Video >>>. Please Don't forget to share and leave comments below 🙏 Let's hear from you.

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