Reactions as lady shares what a man did after she approached him to tell him that he is handsome. -

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Responses to a woman's account of what a man did when she approached him to tell him that he is attractive

As males, we are accustomed to bearing the responsibility of initiating contact. We will never be completely comfortable with it, but we will become better at it with time.

You've arrived in a man's world. We, too, despise rejection and shame, and some of us are completely clueless when it comes to approaching females. As a male, I can tell you that men don't mind if a lady approaches us and introduces herself.

The fact that a woman initiates contact with a man is universally acknowledged, and I am not aware of a single male who has ever complained or made a woman feel uncomfortable about approaching him.

According to a girl who posted on Twitter, she saw a gorgeous man who she approached and told him he was handsome. She then smiled at him and went away, and the young man was stunned or completely speechless, gazing at her, not knowing what to say, and she walked away.

See the post she shared and reactions below:

Hey guys, have you ever had a lady approach you and ask whether you are attractive or cute and if you would want to start a relationship with her? If you have, tell us about your experience and how it ended up working out.

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