'I Sentence You 15 Years in Prison' It is a Lesson to Men Not to Marry a Woman Who Loves Money -

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Scandal writers balance me real quick here, is it because you have let go of different characters or it's just that you no longer have stories to tell, you guys are slowly going down will you check your ratings. So that's how judges do in this country talking bribes, thank God they changed the judge so then Caiphus will learn the lesson, he never had before and after he is going to tell the truth

Caiphus is not going to survive in that prison I am sure things will not work according to plan and he will regret falling for that offer. Yesterday he was supposed to sense something when he was asking about that 6 months deal, and it looks like the father knows nothing about that part

What happens when you gamble with your life,expect the unexpected, then boom 15 years at least Simo is there he will have someone to talk to. Caiphus doesn't know what's his dealing with those Kubeka animals will make sure he suffers the consequences, slowly but surely and what's more sad is there's no turning back

The look on Dudu's face means something is off with that judge, I think he's not the one they made a deal with now poor Caiphus is in for it. Caiphus reap what he sow how can you sacrifice your life for 3 million, for such huge crime, the inmates will welcome home Caiphus indeed. Seriously Dudu's face says it all, the pocket Judge has been changed

They should come clean then the Kubekas get arrested so that we can watch the old scandal in peace, I hate the whole family, especially the father's nose. Scandal is trying to show us that we should be careful of women like Gloria, women who love money more than their husbands, women who choose money than their husbands


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