Sh0cking: Lesbian couple found out that one of them is pregnant after this happened -

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Shocking news just keeps popping up daily these days. How can a lady conceive of a lady? and how can a man conceive? Well, we never know when the strange news will come to an end. What we all know is that lesbians are ladies who get involved with other ladies.

But this one of today, she conceived and will give birth. Only one thing is evident though, which is: She cheated on her partner, and the worse part, she cheated with a guy.

The man knew on Twitter as @SouthernBoiiy said that the lesbian couple visited the hospital after one complained of abdominal pain only to find out that she was pregnant.

Although he never told us what transpired in the aftermath, we believe strongly that hell broke loose and disintegrated the relationship, making the man responsible for the pregnancy register an assertive theory for heterosexuals.

He wrote; ”This lesbian couple came in, with one complaining of abdominal pain. Come to find out she was pregnant.

Funniest story I’ve experienced in the E.D. so. Me and the doctor were like…Thank God for masks because I really had to hold my composure.”

It is really disappointing that one has to deny himself or herself of who they truly are and try to run for what they are not. If it was true that she is a lesbian as she claims to be, then she would not have fallen pregnant.

Because lesbians fall for other ladies and not guys, so if she fell for a guy, then she is deceiving herself. Such cases are evident these days, many gays and lesbians fall pregnant and others impregnate other ladies.

What does this prove to us? It proves that some of these people in these two communities are not who they really say they are.

What is your thought on this matter? What do you think could be the cause of this?


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