Sh0king: Man dramatically breaks up with a lady because she did this -

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In the world that we live in today things happen daily. Many breakups and divorces are seen and experienced. Some breakups and divorces happen because of valid reasons that one cannot change, while some happen on silly reasons. Like the story I came through today, the breakup was unreasonable and unbelievable.

first, let me ask you a question. Would you break up with your girlfriend or boyfriend because they fart a lot? Or because they eat a lot? If you say yes to these, I would say that you are still not mature enough to have a partner, and makes me wonder if you currently have one or not. Let us hop into the story of the day.

A WhatsApp conversation between a young man and a friend about his fiancée, who has apparently broken up with him, according to the message.

The reason for this is that whenever he is with his lover, she flatulates. He had no choice but to end his relationship with her and be free.

This young man’s friend initiated the conversation by informing him that his girlfriend, Alice, had informed him that they had broken up.

He went on to ask what she had done to trigger the split. His friend's only remark, to his surprise, was "that chick flatu too much." That is to say, the girl has a lot of flatulence.

He said that his nose was damaged and he couldn't take her farts any longer. He went on to add that Alice flatulated two days ago, and that was enough to change his mind. He is unable to return her since he is unable to stand it any longer.

Just imagine, just because the poor lady farts, and that makes him want to leave? Well, let me say this If he wants to live giving silly reasons like these, just know that there are two reasons that push him to it and farting is not amongst them.

  1. It is either he is no longer in love with you or he approached you just to get to share blankets with you and not love. Obviously, if these were the reasons, he will run away after finding what he really wanted from you. Can one continue to eat while they are full? No, the problem was you who trusted him with your temble without being sure of his intentions.

  2. It is either he fell in love with someone else, so he wants to get rid of you so that he can continue with the person he just found. It is as clear as that, farting would never chase a person away.

If you have your arguments, then you could share them in the comment box below. What do you think about this story as a reader? Would you say that the guy is reasonable to do this or not?

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