She shared pictures of her wedding but people notice her hairstyle. -

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A wedding is a special time for the bride and the groom, but many people tend to forget that and do things to impress people.

Once you are planning a wedding, and you find yourself saying what would the people say about my dress or how my decoration is done? Just know that the wedding you are having is not for you but people.

Palesa Ngobeni shared pictures of her wedding day and what people noticed is that she had short hair which is not common.

When it is your wedding people expect you to go all out buying weaves even if it means using your last money for a ceremony that lasts for one day.

There is nothing wrong with getting a weave or a nice hairstyle on your wedding, but it had to be what you want not because everyone is doing it sometimes it's good to be unique.

I love how Palesa handled her wedding she has always had short hair, and she made sure that she sticks to what she loves even though people might talk about her.

Sometimes when people do things they forget that tomorrow is still a day meaning that the is no need to spend the whole money that was saved on the wedding, rather you use it for a honeymoon I mean after planing the wedding you need a break.

When you are getting married you don't need to stress yourself by trying to make everyone happy you end up getting loans that will live you miserable after the wedding.

After the wedding, the couple went on a honeymoon.

If she had bought an expensive weave it means that she had to sell it for less since it has lost value or give it out to a friend.

She stayed true to herself and believe that if we are true to ourselves we can archive more in life.

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