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A dramatic and moving story about a man who claimed that his wife abandoned him on the first night of their honeymoon after a colorful wedding has gone viral on the internet.

Kiama Gikandi told KD Tv investigative journalist Jeremy Damaris that his younger life had been a gloomy one as he was a criminal. However, after becoming a Christian, he changed his ways and lived a better life.

Kiama met the love of his life in the church after altering his life. They later decided to be married and have a family. As Christians, they were required to have a religious wedding, which he described as "quite colorful." He does admit, though, that he had multiple visions warning him that the lady was not perfect.

They went on their honeymoon after their wedding, where they were meant to have their personal time. Their marriage and honeymoon, however, were never to be when his newlywed abandoned him on their honeymoon's first night.

Despite his best efforts to save his marriage through their best couple, parents, and religious leaders, his wife never looked back, and he accepted this and moved on with his life.

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