Things that will happen if you date sangoma and mate. Gogo Skhotheni gives details -

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Several gobelas and izangoma criticized Gogo Skhotheni for taking her amathwasa out to groove recently. On Sunday, September 26th, she retaliated against izangoma, who prey on vulnerable clients by utilizing muthi to sleep with them in the claim of eradicating isichitho.

Patricia Shange, a sangoma and traditional coach, said it was past time for people to talk about and deal with such concerns in a live broadcast on Facebook. People should not consult with izangoma when they are desperate, according to her, because they may be mistreated.

“I know a lot of izangoma would be outraged after viewing this live video,” she stated in the video, “but one has to tell the truth and warn the public from falling into a trap by sleeping with izangoma when they go to consult to erase bad luck.”

Male izangoma who duped their clients into sleeping with them had a roaming eye, according to traditional healer Majoko Hlongwane. People should be cautious, she advised, and not listen to or do everything izangoma tells them to.

If similar events occur, victims are asked to file complaints, according to police spokesman Colonel Donald Mdluli.

“If a minor has been victimized, a parent or guardian should accompany the youngster to the local police station to file a report. The Family Violence, Child Protection, and Sexual Offenses Unit will examine the incident, and culprits will be prosecuted.”

“That's just a ruse to get clients to sleep with them, and most of the time, these victims aren't aware they're being assaulted, and even if they try to report rape to the police, such instances are never investigated. She continued.

People should stop criticizing her initiates for grooving and instead explain why they sleep with clients. Gogo warns those who are against her grooving that she is furious.

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