Wanting too much of something can be dangerous -

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The more you desperately want to be wealthy the poorer and lacking you will feel. Persuing something demonstrates that you lack it in the first place. Philosopher Alan Watts calls this the backward law. It suggests that the more you pursue feeling happy the sadder you will be. 

The more you want to be loved is the lonelier you will feel. Even when you are surrounded by people. When you tell yourself I don't have enough money or I don't have money at all and convince yourself you want it then you are automatically saying you lack it. 

The law of attraction teaches us to act as if we already have all we need so we can acquire it, instead of focusing on what we lack because that just reinforces the fact that you don't have what you want. Positive thoughts produce positive results. When you convince yourself you are blessed and wealthy you became blessed and wealthy, the universe sends opportunities to help you where else if you convince yourself you are lacking then the universe sends situations to prove that. You are what you think, always keep your thoughts positive 

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