Wedding Bell In #SkeemSaam. Pretty Will Not See This Coming. This Is What Lehasa Will Do -

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Pretty Will Not See This Coming. This Is What Will Happen To Her In #SkeemSaam

A call from the Maphosas changes everything for Pretty. After Lehasa made her feel small, she want to prove him right by having Dreams of him marrying her. Let the man Support his child while you focus on your Studies. After everything every words that Lehasa said sje still think that he will marry.

Maphosa ancestors are working overtime through Phomolo to save their heir! That Lehasa won't marry you sis,he was just forced by his uncle to do the right thing. Marriage proposal is like money always brightens women’s day no matter how bad they were feeling .

"The Maphosas" called not Baby daddy Lehasa. It would mean that Lehasa is still not accepting the pregnancy. Pretty should not get her hopes up… for all we know, Lehasa is considering the DNA test and responsibility of this baby because Nothile asked him to.

I give credit to Lehasa's uncle. Ever since he heard of Pretty's pregnancy, he was after Lehasa to make the right thing. So happy for Pretty, she is now going to enjoy life with Lehasa. Pretty must not abort the baby because every child is a blessing to the mother, I am very disappointed in Sthoko for advising Pretty to abort. While she didn't abort her child, sies Sthoko. Lehasa just wants to get back at Nothile for dumping him. He’s just gonna use Pretty to boost his bruised ego.

Getting Pretty to change mind is a great choice. Abortion has always been a bad choice. There's often lack of communication, understanding & clarity between parties and at times there's pressure from external individuals.

Lehasa need anger management now that Nothile Mavimbela has shows him flames about his behavior towards the elders. Now he is changing his tune not because he loves Pretty but he wants those who will be able to control them. Trurh be told he is going to disappoint baby Mama and disappear with the baby.

Lehasa must just swallow his pride marry Pretty because Nothile is just good for nothing she is another bomb waiting to explode…

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