Winnie Mashaba is divorcing after 15 years of marriage: Opinion -

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People are just asking why is she posted with this Bishop, Simon Mokwena. We understand that she is getting divorced, but why is she with this man of God?

Does it mean that she is leaving her husband for this particular Bishop? Or what? Maybe the reporter is just suggesting that she is divorcing, at the same time she's having a closer relationship with the Bishop Simon Mokwena.

I thought the bishop has got his own family, the picture has got nothing to do with Winnie Mashaba's divorce. So we don't know what is behind the curtains, maybe she was cheating her husband with this Bishop and husband found out.

You know how people report, all how women defended themselves to make a story look like she's the one who is divorcing, when the husband is the one who is actually divorcing her, maybe after finding a secret affair with this men of God, we don't know.

Gospel Musician and TV Presenter, Winnie Mashaba has separated with her husband after 16 years.

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