17-year-old girl leaves mzansi is stitches after confessing loving all 4 boyfriends -

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Source: Mzansileaks.co.za

A "polyamorous" woman made fun of herself after stating that she loved all her friends equally. It is alleged from her that she confessed when the men decided to meet and confront her. The image of them together has since gone viral. 

However, it has not been confirmed whether the story is real or simply decisive. Social networks "lit up" after all the ordeal. Check the screenshots below:

It is so amazing to see how much they use loves this dating issues because they would literally do anything to ensure that they are in a relationship and the sacrifice for it.

This young lady was confessing that she loves all had three or four boyfriends equally without anyone having to be loved the most than the other and this is shocking to anyone.

I mean if you check age it is not normal for someone of your age to be seeing all these things and acting as if there’s nothing wrong with it and no parent can condone such a behavior.

It is no evidence that we need to pray for our youth because they are really moving out of the right way and taking the path which is not good for them and will never be good for them at all.

When a young lady confesses her love for almost 4 people it shows that Love has gone cold especially in the youngsters of this age and this time.

When you look at the situation you begin to understand that it is Matlou which most people are looking for because it is not possible to love more than four people at the same time.

We have a lot of things to do for our youth we must pray for them we must show empathy because these people they are going out.

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