17-year-old girl left Mzansi in sh0ck when she said she loves all her 4 boyfriends equally. -

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Mzansi was taken aback when a 17-year-old teenager revealed she adores all four of her boyfriends similarly.She allegedly actually admitted when the men needed to come together again and interrogate her. Since then, the photo of them all together has gone viral.

Nevertheless, it is unknown yet if the narrative is true or just a ruse to gain influence. Immediately after the incident, social networking was ablaze.After stating that she loves all of her men equally, a 'polyamorous' woman has made fun of herself. Take a look at the images underneath.

So, when she declared she loves them all equally, this girl was making a joke of herself. When they all found out she was cheating on them, she said this. They chose to face her, and she did not refute any of their allegations. She merely said that she adores them all and that they provide her joy. The photo was eventually shared with the world to highlight what individuals are up to nowadays. If a man can date five different girlfriends, then a woman should have the right to date five different boyfriends.

People remarked, "Well, it's wonderful that they've met now." They don't need to scold her because she pursued her emotions, which is also not necessarily a bad thing. They must all have fallen in love with her because she fell in love with all of them.


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