3 Foods Every Man Should Eat Regularly To Boost Low Testosterone Levels

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Testosterone is a vital hormone that plays a crucial role in men. Testosterone is a hormone that is secreted by the male reproductive system- the testes to be particular. Testosterone plays a vital role in puberty and overall development in men. It is needed in making sperm and in other body developments in men such as deep voice and facial hair.

Testosterone is naturally secreted in the body by the testes, however, some men might be deficient due to under secretion of testosterone. Low testosterone levels can affect the overall development of a man. Testosterone levels decrease as you get older and this can also result in low testosterone levels. When testosterone levels fall below 300 nanograms per deciliter, it is diagnosed as low testosterone levels.

Since testosterone plays a vital role in men, deficiency in this hormone will result in some symptoms. These symptoms include:

1.      Inability to build muscle mass

2.      Tiredness

3.      Small size of testicle

4.      Erectile dysfunction

5.      Mood swings

6.      Reduced urge to get intimate

7.      Hair loss

Testosterone levels can be boosted by certain foods. These foods have the ability to increase testosterone levels in men. If you have low testosterone levels, you can try the following foods;

1.      Lemons

Lemons lowers cortisol levels, this results in increased production of testosterone. Lemon also contains vitamin A, a vitamin that is essential for production of testosterone.

2.      Banana

Banana contains bromelain which has been proven to have testosterone boosting abilities.

3.       Green vegetables

Green vegetables are good for your overall health, however, men with low testosterone levels can highly benefit from them. green vegetables are rich in magnesium. Magnesium is a macro mineral that increases the level of testosterone in the body.

You can also adopt some health and lifestyle changes to boost your testosterone levels. Here a few things you can do to boost your testosterone levels;

1.      Exercise regularly

2.      Limit how you consume sugary foods and drinks

3.      Maintain a healthy sleep schedule

4.      Swap sugary snacks for fruits and vegetables

5.      Maintain healthy weight

If you want to know the exact level of testosterone in your body, then you should go for a medical checkup and conduct a blood test.

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