3 Places You Should Stop Keeping Your Mobile Phone To Avoid Damaging Your Health.

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This days, almost everybody owns a mobile phone. It is definitely one of the most popular devices in the world. This gadget is highly prioritized by so many persons and they can hardly do without it to the point that they cannot go anywhere without having it glued to their body.

Yes, it's very true that keeping our phones close to us is important. But it can cause a lot of health hazards or damage if it is kept in the wrong places. Here are 3 places you should stop keep in your mobile phone to avoid damaging your health;

1. The bra or breast pocket.

So many ladies and sometimes even men are fond of doing this. Most people hide their phones in this dangerous area with the intention of hiding it from thieves. But people should know that hiding or keeping mobile phones close to breast area is not suitable at all.

The electromagnetic radiation can be of negative impact to the skin. And medical research has discovered that this act can also lead to breast cancer in the long run.

2. Under your pillow.

Another popular place that people like keeping their phones is under the pillow while sleeping. This is a very dangerous habit that can cause harm to one's health.

Normal mobile phones usually emit lots of electromagnetic waves and when it is kept near the head, it causes serious headaches, migraines and brain irritation. We have also seen or heard cases of mobile phones exploding which is a result of the accumulation of heat while kept under a pillow.

3. In your pant or pant pocket.

Most people, especially ladies are fond of putting their phones in their pant while walking in the night. This is probably because they are scared of thieves but it’s very dangerous. Like I said earlier, these mobile phones contain radioactive waves that can be hazardous when placed against the skin. Putting your phone in, or under your pants for any reason is considered dangerous to the reproductive organs of both male and females.

Thanks for reading. I hope you’ve learnt something good from this article. Please share to others to save someone.

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