3 Signs That Show A Lady Truly Loves You & Won't Take You For Granted

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Love is a lovely but strange feeling. When a woman is madly and completely in love, one might notice a few peculiarities or changes in her personality, regardless of how mature, smart, or in charge of her life she is. Here are a few telltale signals that a girl like you isn't taking you for granted.


If you're having a difficult day emotionally, she might be unhappy. A lady may be in love with you, but she may also be emotionally attached to you. A lady who loves him will always be by his side when he is going through a difficult time in his life. The majority of the time, females with these characteristics become decent brides.


She responds to your texts in a timely and professional manner. If she answers to your texts on a frequent basis, that's another sign she's in love with you. When a lady consistently responds to your text messages, it shows that she values your company and enjoys conversing with you.

This common indicator can also be used to spot a woman who isn't interested in you. A lady who does not love you as much as she claims will be hesitant to react to your SMS messages.


She won't want to be seen with other men anymore. Most women who adore and cherish their partner will resist the temptation to flirt with other men. A woman who actually cares about you would understand that witnessing her flirt with another man will irritate and infuriate you, which is undesirable.

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