4 Signs a Lady might Be Flirting with You

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Not every woman is comfortable with walking up to a man to telling him that she wants him, many of them prefer to do this with their body movements and hope the man understands the message and approaches them. This act is often referred to as flirting.

In this article, I will be talking about some of the body moves girls do when they flirt and how to approach them.

1. Playing with Her Hair.

Playing or twirling their hair is one of the most common body movements ladies give when they are flirting with you. Especially when she keeps starring at you when she does this with her wrist.

2. Eye Contact

Making eye contact is one of the oldest ways of flirting with the opposite gender. When a girl keeps staring at you and won't look away, she is likely flirting with you and wants you to approach her.

3. Lips Bitting

Just like eye contact, lips hitting is also one of the old ways girls flirt. When a girl bites on her lips when staring at a man it's a hint that she is flirting with him.

4. Changing Her Voice

Girls want their voices to sound more suiting and pleasant when they are flirting with a man they fancy. When they do this, it's obvious that is not the way she sounds normally and is just doing this for your attention.

How To Approach Them

What often makes most guys tensed when approaching a lady is the fear of uncertainty about how she'll react when they make their moves.

You have to be conscious of the fact that she flirting with you hints that she is interested in you. Put this to your advantage by keeping your cool and looking more confident when you approach her.

You can engage her in a conversation by complimenting, introducing yourselves, and allowing things to flow between the two of you.

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