4 Things That Can Make You Lose a Lady’s Respect

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One of the most important things that you don’t want to lose, when it comes to relationship with ladies, is respect. If you lose a lady’s respect it would be as if you’re no longer worth anything in her eyes, the way she’ll start acting towards you, and how she’ll be reacting to everything you do, will be so annoying that you might get frustrated.

So, if you don’t want to be in this situation, where you would lose a lady’s respect, or where you won’t matter in her eyes, it’s better to know the things that can cause it, so that you can avoid doing them.

In this article, I will be showing you four things that can make you lose a lady’s respect.

1.      When you’re too available for her

No one loves a stalker, when you’re too available for a lady, you’re always hanging around her, always there whenever she needs you, she might start assuming that you’re stalking her, and she might also see it as an opportunity to exploit your availability. Even if she’s not trying to exploit this, there’s no way you will be with a lady almost every time, and some elements of disrespect won’t start showing.

2.      When you’re always putting yourself down to please her

Why should you put yourself down to please anybody? Does it mean you don’t value yourself at all or you don’t have any iota of self-respect? These are the questions you should ask yourself the next time you’re tempted to make dirty jokes about yourself or embarrass yourself, just to please a lady.

If you continue to repeat this behaviour, you will lose the lady’s respect, because she would start seeing herself as being too good, too important or too big for you, and that would definitely lead to some disrespect.

3.      If you’re acting rudely to her

I know that some men have developed the habit of shooting their shots through rude behaviours and trying to make dirty jokes about a lady, you should know that this will only lead to disrespect and nothing else. If you want to approach a lady, do so like a gentleman, you don’t have to start acting rudely to her.

4.      If you always play with too many girls

This is another thing that can make you lose a lady’s respect, if you have the habit of playing with too many girls, none of them will take you seriously, and that relationship will be accompanied with lots of disrespect. So, sometimes it’s beneficial to be selective when it comes to relating or playing with ladies.

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