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 As a wife, you are expected to play several roles in your family. These responsibilities include keeping the house peaceful, looking after your children and your spouse. Your husband is the head of the house, no matter who has more control over the house. Therefore, you need to know your boundaries and avoid breaking the boundaries that you should not cross in your relationship.

As a woman, there are some things your husband should never refuse. I understand that some men can be mean and sometimes deserve a lesson, but as a caring wife who wants the best for her family, you shouldn't judge your partner or deny him certain things.

In this article, I'm going to show you 4 things a woman should never deny her husband.

1. Respect.

Respect is a very important thing that every woman should not deny her husband no matter what. Denying the respect your man deserves will only turn you into a disrespectful woman. As long as your husband is the landlord, you must treat him with respect and love.

2. Daily food.

This is another important point that a woman should not hold back from her husband if she does not want to lose him in the end. Once you start refusing your man's daily diet, he will find alternative source and from there you will break up.

As a woman, you need to make sure that your man eats before work in the morning and when he comes back from work, you need to make sure that the table is set for him. This is what is expected of you and you should not deny your husband.

3. Attention.

Just as a woman craves attention, men crave attention in a relationship. Rejecting your husband's attention will only make him suspicious and he may start to lose interest in you.

Only when you spend time with someone do you know each other well and connect well.

4. Satisfaction in the bedroom.

However, as a woman, you should not deny your husband's marriage rights. Denying your husband his bedroom rights can cause him to lose the trust he has in you, and he could be forced to get it from other women.

If you're always apologizing when your guy begs for your attention in the bedroom, you're just pushing him away without even realizing it.

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