5 Signs A Lady Wants You To Date Her But Doesn't Want To Tell You -

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It is almost a culture in Africa that the idea of ​​initiating a romantic relationship should be initiated by the male counterpart. It is also a unanimous belief supported by most African women that asking a man for a relationship is unethical and can project one as hopeless or cheap, therefore; they conform to hide their feelings of attraction.

Nonetheless, studies have shown that women tend to show unconscious gestures or attitudes that reveal their intentions most of the time.

Research has shown that when a woman is emotionally attached to a man and probably wants him to make advances to her, she tends to show languages ​​or gestures that clearly reveal her condition. Here are a few of them.

1. When she calls regularly or chats with you on social media.

Women don't do this often, especially when their egos are on the line. But a situation where a woman gives up her feminine pride and starts frequently calling or chatting with a man on social media is a sign that she is. very attracted to him and that she wouldn't mind being in a relationship with him.

2. She likes to come around you.

Ladies have a natural habit of seeking the presence of someone they admire and who attracts them. When a woman likes to come with you for no obvious reason, but for fun, it can be a clue that she wants to be in a romantic relationship with you.

3. She gives you food or other gifts.

 It is a sign of love exhibited by most African women that apparently reveals their interest in a particular man. When a woman continually plows a man with gifts of food and other valuables, it can be a positive sign that she wants to commit to him in a relationship.

4. When she calls you funny nicknames.

Research has shown that when a woman is deeply emotionally absorbed by a man, she tends to call him nicknames that could match her personality. Psychological studies have found that women are more likely to give negative names to a man they admire. For example, you will hear a lady call a guy "big head", "big eyes", "little boy", "ugly boy", "old man", etc. That's a "green light" shown by most women when hypnotized by a guy.

5. When she likes to initiate romance-related topics whenever the two of you are having a conversation.

This point doesn't necessarily imply a relationship intention on the part of most women, but a situation where the topic of romance becomes the only conversation she brings to you for a chat is a sign that she is interested. to you and would like you to woo her for a relationship.

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