6 Warning Symptoms Of Dehydration That Is Often Ignored

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Water is essential for survival. It is required that you take at least 8 glasses of water daily for optimal functioning of your body. Your body needs water to survive and most body functions like sweating require water.

Dehydration is a state in which your body doesn’t have enough water. Dehydration is often overlooked but it can turn into a serious condition if it is not treated on time. Here are a few symptoms of dehydration that is often overlooked;

1.      Headache

Dehydration can trigger headache. It can also trigger headaches in people with migraine.

2.      Craving for sugary foods

Dehydration affects the liver. the liver functions with water to release stored glucose. Dehydration causes your liver to use up the stored glucose and energy causing you to feel the urge to replenish lost glucose from sugary foods.

3.      Bad breath

One of the functions of saliva is keeping the mouth clean and smelling fresh because of tis antibacterial properties. Your body needs water to produce saliva, if you are dehydrated it inhibits the production and secretion of saliva. This causes bacteria to build dup in the mouth that eventually lead to bad breath.

4.      Dry skin

If your skin doesn’t plump up immediately after being pinched, it means that you are dehydrated. When you are dehydrated, your skin loses its elasticity. This causes you skin to remain in its pinched position for a while before returning to its original state. If you pinch your skin and it forms a tent, that is a sign of severe dehydration.

5.      Dark colored urine

Dehydration affects the function of the kidney and urinary bladder. Because of lack of enough water in your body, you end up releasing concentrated urine. This urine is dark in color. The color is normal urine from a well hydrated person is pale yellow. Apart from dark colored urine, if you notice that you haven’t urinated in a long time, that’s a sign of dehydration.

6.      Dizziness

When you get dehydrated you deprive your brain of the water it needs for effective functioning. If you constantly feel confused and dizzy, it could be your brain telling you to drink some water.

If left untreated dehydration can cause kidney failure, coma, heatstroke and seizure. Here are a few things you need to do to prevent dehydration;

1.      Always carry a water bottle with you

2.      Drink water after engaging in activities like sports

3.      Drink water if you are sick to replenish lost water

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