7 Common Signs That Show You Are Not Eating Enough Food

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The current situation in the country has made many people to reduce their intake of food and this is very bad for the health. Undereating has been linked to certain health problems such as anemia, immune weakness, malnutrition, fatigue, and others. This is why we should always try to eat because food is life and lack of it could lead to chronic health challenges.

Food performs important functions in the body and a person who is not eating very well is prone to fall sick because lack of food also means lack of nutrients and strength. In this article, I will be showing you some common signs you will notice in your body when you're not eating well.

1. Hair loss.

The foods we eat performs many functions in our body and one of those include nourishing the hair. Although it's normal to lose some strands of hair daily. But if you notice increased hair loss, this may be a sign that you're not eating well. Consuming enough food ensures that we don't suffer from frequent illnesses, it also helps to safeguard the organs of the body.

2. Persistent hunger.

Normally, we're supposed to feel full after eating because the human appetite tend to reduce after consuming enough food. Research has shown that constant cravings for food may be a sign of undereating as people who eat less are usually hungry.

3. Sleep issues.

A person who is hungry usually find it hard to sleep because the necessary nutrients which are required for the body to carry on certain activities like sleep are lacking. This is why it's advisable to eat before going to bed because it helps to improve your sleep quality.

4. Constipation.

Some of the foods we eat are converted into stool and when a person eats less, the body receives less food to convert into stool, this may lead to constipation.

5. Lack of energy.

The foods we eat provides the body with energy, and constant feeling of tiredness is a common sign of undereating. This is why it's very important to eat because it supplies us with energy.

6. Reduced immunity.

The presence of nutrients such as vitamin C, iron, zinc, protein, helps the body to fight off infections. When you don't eat well, the immune system becomes weakened, thus exposing the body to harmful infections. This is why sick people are always advised to eat well in order to get better.

7. Constant feeling of cold.

Food is necessary to maintain a normal temperature. Underating denies the body of important nutrients that regulates temperature, thus leading to the feeling of cold.

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