A 17-year-old girl said she loves all her 4 boyfriends equally But Mzansi Noticed Something Else -

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Well, the girl has laughed to herself by saying that she loves them all equally. He said this when they all caught him cheating on everyone. Deciding to meet him well the woman did not refuse any of them. The only thing he said was that he loves them all and they all make him happy. The image could then be posted on Facebook to show the world what people are doing today. If a man can have sex with 5 girls even a woman has the right to have five girlfriends.

 People on Facebook took it as a joke and said it was good that they now knew each other. He doesn't need to hit her because he followed her heart which is not wrong to do. He began to love them all so he needed to understand how they felt. Everyone was allowed to leave if they did not think they could share it. But no one did this which means she is a sweet girl and no one will ever lose her. People on Facebook found this joke that this young girl could have the courage to say so.

 Some people on Facebook also said they should hit him because he is playing with how he feels. No one knows if she was the only girl in their lives so everyone should appreciate the time they get from her. When they are ready, they can choose the right one among them. A young girl may still be trying to find a suitable partner. But sadly, no one wants to leave her because they say they all love her so much. No man wants to lose her.

 Some women said they did not see any problem with this. Being honest is one of the most important things you can do. You can also comment below and tell us what you can do when your friend tells you this. Share this story with your friends and make sure you follow me to find out more. Invite your friends to come and read Opera stories.


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