A lady has left many people stunned after revealing the reason why she was dumped by her boyfriend -

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A woman has taken to Twitter to reveal why she was dumped. And it would seem, people were rather surprised by her reason of being dumped. It is not an exaggeration to say that most people are probably going to be astonished as well. There is some indication that the lady's tweet has somewhat managed to grab the attention of many who follow her. And black Twitter was quick to react to the lady's tweet.

And the lady laid it bare that she was dumped because she didn't have the vaccination certificate. Lately in South Africa there has been a great of deal about vaccinate certificates. And the reason people talk about vaccine passport or certificate, is because there is some rumours going around saying that people in the foreseeable future will be required to carry or produce the vaccine certificate to enter certain places. However, this talk is still ongoing.

It is against this backdrop that readers should not be surprised to find people being astonished by the lady's reason to be dumped.

In her own words, the lady said that "I got dumped because I don't have vaccination certificate"

There is some indication that this subject matter of vaccination certificates will be dissected and debated for some time to come. It must be remembered that South Africa is currently busy with vaccine roll out.

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