A lady regrets having it inside her own car. The worst happened to her car after the incident -

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There is a myth that intimating inside a vehicle will bring bad luck and bad spirits to the vehicles. Without saying this is a myth, there is a real story of a lady who has proven this theory or myth right. It might be a factual statement that intimacy inside a vehicle will only bring bad luck to your vehicle. Bad luck comes in different forms, and with this lady, the car had to suffer an accident. It is also a level of belief, some people do not believe what this lady has said, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion or worldview. She wishes to have done things differently, and none of this could have happened. Unfortunately, the worst has already happened and she is full of regrets. It is pivotal that people learn from the mistake she has made, and avoid future repetition. Image

It is mandatory that people avoid doing certain things inside their most respected materials. If you respect a car you would never have any intimacy activities inside it. This lady who has been complaining and blaming herself for the horrific accident that happened to her car, has a point. She has been heavily attacked by South Africans, as they know that such activities brings a dark cloud over your head. 

“I agree with you I just don't understand what's up with having intimacy in a car, then it getting damaged. Some time down the line that sh** happened to me twice now I ain't doing it no more. I have been driving the same car for 2 years now I just don't get it.” some of the people shared their different point of view in this matter. It can be seen that not everyone is siding with this lady. Most probably it was her unlucky day to get accident.


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