A Man's Wedding Pictures Was Posted On Social Media, See The Reaction Of his Side Chick -

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There is no way that a man cannot have a side chick and this has made lot of women to give up in love. It is a fashion that mostly of men have side chicks and mostly are proud of it , they do not even mind weather their wives will be hurt or not. This is the reason why men always tell a man who loves only one woman that he is bewitched. They think that they are entitled to do what they want. In most cases men can get married to you because you are a wife material not because you are his type. Some will get married to you because his family likes you. After you are married he will go back to the person that he loves.

Some woman are trapped inside marriages that they are not happy and some of them they are even regretting themselves why are they getting married in the first place. Marriage is something that you should not rush into. In most cases people tend to rush to marriage and it end up becoming a disaster right in front of their eyes.

Do not get married because of the idea of getting married. You need to be fully prepared about what you want in life. Many men tend to change after getting married. They tend to be more abusive and they no longer sleep at home. Some men get married because they want someone who will take care of their home.

Many people on Facebook were shocked to see the reaction of a side chick. She posted the pictures on her timeline and she is even proud of herself that she is his side chick. She even said that seeing him getting married does not change anything. The lady had the gut to even post about this. This shows that men does not value women. He might have married her but he will still not leave his side chick.


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