A South African man says heavily love with his China girlfriend but people have this to say -

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After publishing a few images of himself and his girlfriend on social media, a South African man generated quite a commotion, claiming that he is in love. He seems enjoying being around his partner. Love is a great thing, and witnessing someone in love is even more amazing. The duo was out shopping and snapping selfies while holding hands in public. We've seen people start dating persons of other races, and it appears that people are becoming accustomed to this type of relationship.

Interracial marriage is a type of marriage in which the couples are of different races or racialized ethnicities. Such marriages were once prohibited as miscegenation in the United States, Nazi Germany, and apartheid-era South Africa. Interracial marriage was illegal in 31 US states in 1960. The are South African celebrities who are interracial relationship and some even married.

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