After my husband was shot to death, my father -in-law came to my bed and told me I'm his new wife -

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A young woman named Esther recounts how her father sought to make her his new wife after the death of her husband.

According to Esther, she was married at a young age and knew nothing about marriage where she said the age difference between her and her husband was 21 years.

She was blessed with three children and her husband took good care of her and the children outside her age where she said that while her husband was alive she never needed anything.

Esther's husband was shot dead and things got worse as he said he was left empty-handed and all he could think about was suicide.

During her husband's funeral she, had a strange experience where she said that when her husband's family saw her husband's coffin, they all laughed and no one went to her funeral.

Esther's friends asked her to return to Nairobi after hearing of the man's plan to kill her and they were afraid and could not leave her behind so they returned to Nairobi with Esther.

When she arrived in Nairobi, she found her father lying on his wedding bed where she told him she was going to be his new wife and this upset Esther and she ran away with her children.

She claims that everything her husband left was shared with family members and she was left destitute and almost killed herself and the children.

She claims that life has not been easy for her in raising her children as a single mother but she has been able to move on with her life and is becoming stronger every day for her children.

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